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Paul from Texas



from Texas

Paul is a happy child. He responds to recognized voices with facial expressions, gigantic smiles, and laughter. Through supportive services, Paul gets more out of school and also has social activities. Music is his favorite subject. Paul loves having family and caregivers give him affection and engage in verbal interaction with him. He loves listening to the TV, especially his favorite cartoons. Paul also loves sitting outside in the sun. Paul is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, a seizures disorder, and hypothyroidism. He receives nutritional support via a G-button. He is visually impaired but his hearing is well developed. Paul uses a wheelchair for mobility and loves going for rides in his wheelchair when taken outside for a walk. Paul has occupational and physical therapy to strengthen his muscles and develop his motor skills. Paul requires constant supervision and monitoring by caregivers and a forever family to love him.

Paul will benefit from a family who has a medical background. A family with few children and who is willing to advocate for him educationally and medically is desired. He will do well with a family who has a very supportive extended family. A family with a great sense of humor and who will continue necessary services for Paul and following-up with providers to give Paul what he needs to be happy and healthy.

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