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Payton from Texas



from Texas

Payton is a sweet and caring young lady. Payton is a hugger. Like many typical teenage girls, Payton loves to talk on the phone with her friends and is excited to work towards earning her driver's license. She is also a huge fan of video games and gets hours or entertainment playing her favorite games. She also enjoys learning to cook. Payton is an animal lover and has been part of 4-H showing animals. Payton loves to sketch and do art projects. Payton likes to roller skate. Payton needs to trust you before she will open up be secure in that friendship/relationship. Payton is maturing and developing more self-confidence and self-awareness.

The ideal family for Payton will have no other children in the home. Payton would do best with a family where she is the only child. Payton does well with one on one attention. Payton needs a strong support system that can set appropriate boundaries and still show love and support. She needs a family that is willing to love her and be there for her so she can continue to grow and be the best version of herself possible!