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Pennie from Texas



from Texas

Pennie is very smart and has a good sense of humor. She is little quiet at first but opens up quickly. Pennie is very polite. She loves dogs, horses, and music. She likes to play the guitar. Pennie likes to make people laugh and is a very caring child. She enjoys watching You Tube videos and playing video games with her brother. She also likes art and drawing and cooking. Pennie attends church and community events with her kinship family. She is participating in band at school and she enjoys singing. Pennie is shy and soft spoken. She has often taken on the motherly role to her brother. Pennie is excited about adoption.

Danial and Pennie are very closely bonded with one another. They love spending time with each other and making the other laugh. They both seem to be full of life. Danial and Pennie are very protective of each other and always put the other first. Danial and Pennie love going out to eat and playing video games together. Pennie is especially protective of her brother, even though he is the oldest. They both love animals and absolutely love the simple things in life such as sharing a meal together during family time. They would love to share the same forever home. Daniel and Pennie are excited about adoption.

Pennie wants her family to enjoy playing video games, listening to music, and doing activities together as a family. Pennie needs her family to be aware of her grief and be understanding as she works through it. She will do well with a family who treats her with a lot of love.