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Perk from Texas



from Texas

Perk is a youth with a great sense of humor who loves to cut up and tell jokes. He has a big personality and a lot of energy. Perk likes to spend that energy being outside playing sports, hiking, camping, or helping out with yardwork. While loving the outdoors, Perk also likes to relax inside by playing a video game or watching a good movie or television show. He also has a great appetite and really loves getting donuts in the morning. Perk is energetic but benefits from extra encouragement and motivation to complete tasks or activities he is not interested in, such as homework or schoolwork. Perk is open to trying new activities, especially if it is a new sport. He is an active youth who prefers to keep himself busy. Perk does best when he stays busy and loves to be helpful around the house by doing household projects. He may even find that he enjoys working on cars and learning about engines or even computers. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of North East Texas.

Perk's ideal forever parents will be able to show patience and love to a child who can be very determined. They will teach him how to utilize his determination for success. Perk's family will pour themselves into his well-being and utilize local resources to help him continue to grow and transition into adulthood. Perk's forever parents will be involved in many activities and willing to invest themselves in Perk's interests. He needs love, support, compassion, and stability. He will benefit from a family who is open minded and willing to help Perk understand how to accept love and acceptance.