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Phillip from Texas



from Texas

Phillip is a friendly youth who is very smart. He does well with his education and enjoys school a lot. Phillip loves to make friends and socializes well with others. He does very well with routine and consistency. Phillip has no trouble making friends and he enjoys talking to others. He enjoys a variety of activities including playing games, riding his bicycle, and playing outdoors. Phillip loves to watch TV shows though his favorites are typically cartoons geared towards a much younger audience. Phillip loves to relax at home watching television and playing video games. He enjoys outdoor activities such as swimming, as well as putting things together, such as building blocks and puzzles.

Phillip is in need of a family who has patience and has knowledge to care for a child with challenges. He needs a family who has lots of love, compassion, and a love for adventure. He has a lot of love to give, so the bigger the family the better. Phillip will benefit from a home that has a lot of room, for him to move around and explore new things.