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Rachel from Texas



from Texas

Rachel is very smart, outgoing, extremely charismatic, and thoughtful of others. She has many talents which include painting, crafting, and memorizing numbers. Some crafts Rachel enjoys are drawing and scrapbooking. Rachel enjoys activities like bowling, riding bikes, and going shopping with friends. She would love to join recreational sports team, such as gymnastics. Rachel loves listening to music and hanging out with her friends. She seeks reminders and encouragement on how bright and intelligent she is, and Rachel can be hard on herself in terms of her education. Rachel is likeable and extremely charismatic, and she has a knack for making friends very easily.

Rachel needs a family who is understanding of her emotions and offer patience, love, and nurturing. She needs a home with structure and consistency. Rachel has Type 1 diabetes, her family will need to be attentive to Rachel's dietary needs. Rachel needs a family who will commit a lifetime to her.

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