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Ranayja from Texas



from Texas

Ranayaj is an energetic, smiley child. She enjoys gymnastics, cheerleading, and playing games with her friends. "Frozen" is her favorite movie. Her favorite toys are named Elsa, Anna, and Olaf! Ranayaj enjoys school and enjoys making friends. She recently won a gold medal for a relay track race. She reports that she is good at track, but doesn't really like to run, because it is a lot of work. Like most children her age, at times Ranayja doesn't think before she acts. She responds very well to guidance and structure. Ranayja enjoys school and makes good grades. She utilizes resources and assistance to help her succeed. Her favorite subjects are Spanish, English, and math. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Ranayja hopes to find her forever family! She will thrive in a single or two-parent home with structure. Ranayja would like a home with pets. She would also like to have siblings. She wants a forever family that attends church and likes to learn about Jesus.

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