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Raymon from Texas



from Texas

Raymon is a youth who loves the outdoors and animals. He is quiet and somewhat reserved until he is comfortable in his surroundings. He loves to ride horses, reading, and games. He talks about plying both video ad table games. Raymon likes to attend school and needs some additional support on some tasks. He can be easily distracted, but does well with projects and activities on his own. His favorite subjects are social studies, reading, and math. Raymon loves to play sports, especially football. He responds best to individual support. Raymon can be assertive when trying to make friends. At times, he may try hard for attention from others. Raymon is improving his ways to adjust, cope, and socialize. He is ready to form lasting attachments. Raymon gets complete joy being outdoors and around animals. He spent time riding horses previously and has an interest to continue horse riding. Having animals around can be very beneficial for him. He has been a volunteer at an animal shelter which was a good outlet for him. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of Deep East Texas.

Raymon will benefit from being in a structured, engaging home which is also consistent. He will do well with a family who is active in extracurricular activities, community events, and anything focused outdoors. Raymon has a love of being around animals, so a family with a pet or pets will beneficial. He would love to live on a ranch. He needs a family who will provide him with love, support, stability, and security. Raymon's family will provide guidance and positive reinforcement to help him reach his full potential. He will do well being the only child as he responds well when he has individual attention. Raymon will thrive in a home with a single male, or a married couple.

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