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Rayne from Texas



from Texas

Rayne is knowledgeable and observant of her surroundings. Rayne enjoys meeting new people and spending time with her foster siblings and biological siblings. Rayne is shy and reserved at first, but once she gets to know you, she is very outgoing and will say whatever is on her mind. Rayne does not have any issues with expressing her feelings, whether she is happy, upset, or angry. Rayne can have a small attitude whenever she must be corrected or does not get her way. Rayne enjoys school and is very proud whenever she brings home good grades or behavior reports.

Eddie and Rayne display a close sibling relationship and tends to be a very close-knit unit. While spending time together, they often finish each other sentences while laughing uncontrollably at random jokes. Both are incredibly protective of one another and oddly gives the exact answers to questions. Eddie is older, but Rayne often offers advice to her brother from a mature mindset. The relationship between Eddie and Rayne is stable and doesn't display any sibling rivalry. Both are courteous with others and tend to encourage one another to do great things. Eddie and Rayne demonstrate a healthy relationship that is described as best friends.

Rayne's forever family will be healthy role models that provide a loving, understanding, and supportive mindset. A two-parent household would be best for the sibling group that will offer structure and guidance daily until adulthood. Preferably, no animals in the household. Rayne's forever family will display unconditional love and laughter in the most needed moments. Rayne would be an excellent addition to any family that's willing to adopt and provide a forever home her.

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