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Rebekah from Texas



from Texas

Rebekah is a very resilient and lovable child who loves socializing with her caregivers and friends. She is very fond of the water and enjoys swimming as often as possible. Rebekah responds very well to touch and voices. She gives a smile that can light up the room when she is spoken to. Rebekah enjoys hearing voices while being read to. She enjoys watching TV especially movies and cartoons. Rebekah enjoys attending a school that works with her at her own pace. Rebekah also enjoys having visitation with her siblings, who are not a part of this adoption; she looks forward to seeing them on special occasions, like Thanksgiving or Christmas. Rebekah will be a great addition to a loving, nurturing and caring forever family.

Rebekah's loving family will be loving, supportive, encouraging, and genuinely interested in ensuring Rebekah's best interest. Rebekah's forever home will be equipped with wheelchair accessibility throughout. Her forever parents will meet her needs daily. Her forever family will ensure she maintains a social life and gets to swim often. Her forever family will support visits with her siblings. Her family will live in Texas so she can continue visiting her siblings.

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