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Richard from Texas



from Texas

Richard is a bright and energetic child who enjoys laughing. He likes to color and draw, play video games, and build with Lego's. Richard enjoys going to camp and making friends. Richard was in a car accident and sustained a traumatic brain injury. As a result, he has receptive and expressive language impairments with auditory processing difficulties. He participates in specialized speech therapy and continues to make steady progress. In school, Richard receives extra assistance and utilizes resources to help him succeed. His favorite subject is art. Richard has been in a streamlined science class and the goal is to keep increasing his participation in regular classes as he continues to make progress in school. Richard may become confused and frustrated when he does not understand what is expected of him. When this happens, he may react with a tantrum or verbal anger. It is important for teachers and caregivers to provide appropriate and consistent boundaries with clear expectations. Richard does well under these circumstances. Teachers and caregivers have stated he is easily redirected from negative to positive behaviors. Richard likes to do well in school and enjoys praise. When he first began speech therapy, he said "I wish I had a different brain." His self-esteem has greatly improved since then, because he knows he is smart and continuing to learn.

Richard will benefit greatly from a patient, caring, and understanding family who will provide consistent structure, boundaries, and affection. Parenting skills should include patience and be less authoritative. Providing appropriate boundaries and structure will be important for Richard's success, as well as being familiar with his learning style. Educators should be encouraged to focus on teaching to his strengths, as that will assist him in his future success. Richard would like siblings and is accustomed to interacting with other children his age. He will benefit from a family who is outgoing and has other relatives or children in the home. Richard will need ongoing supportive services to address adjusting to his new home.