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Rickey from Texas



from Texas

Rickey is a high schooler that enjoys playing basketball and football. He enjoys spending time hanging outdoors and playing the video game. He enjoys playing on the game systems and watching his favorite shows on television. He was on his school football and track team and is going to try out for the basketball team this coming school year if available. He is a sweet young man that likes to paint cartoon characters on shirts. He also likes building things with Legos. Sometimes he can do it without following the instructions. He likes things to be clean around him. He keeps everyone on their toes about keeping things clean. He inspires to play professional football and have his own clothing line. He's been brainstorming on names for his line and who all he will be making clothes for.

Rickey desires an active and patient family that enjoys sports. Rickey will benefit from a family that will allow him to express himself and that will all him space to develop his own personalities and interests. He will need a stable and consistent family with realistic solutions. He will benefit from a family that like being outdoors and active. He will benefit from a family that helps him to flourish his artistic side. He will like a family that attends church regularly.

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