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Robert from Texas



from Texas

Robert is a sweet, caring, and happy child. He can be shy until he gets comfortable with those around him. Once he's comfortable, he is easy to talk to and engages well in conversation. Robert equally enjoys indoor and outdoor activities. While inside, he is fond of video games, board games, and watching movies. When Robert is outdoors, he loves team sports like basketball and baseball. Robert is looking for a family who will support him in his desire to play baseball or other sports and even be willing to play with him. He values family and feels they should be there for one another. Robert is excited to meet his forever family and is ready for adoption!

Robert's family will need to support and understand his needs and be willing to participate in family supportive services to help him adjust to the home and rules. His family will be stable and have a reliable daily routine for him. Robert is seeking a family that is positive, happy, and has fun together. He would like a family that is involved in school and sports and will get outside and play with him. Ideally, his family will have children (older or younger), as Robert does not wish to grow up as an only child. He plans to attend college and wants a family that will support his educational goals and push him to work hard.

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