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Robert from Texas



from Texas

Robert is a Texan fanatic. Robert loves football and his favorite team is the Houston Texans. Aside from football, He enjoys playing his video game, with Legos, watching television, and playing on his tablet. He enjoys helping his caregiver cook and coming up with dinner ideas. He is very good at helping around the home and is a very protective young man. He also enjoys playing the video game online with his friends. He is on the school's football, basketball, and track team. He also knows how to dance. He doesn't show it off often, but he got moves. He is also very funny. He enjoys pranks and playing jokes. He performs well in school. He cares about making good grades. He wants to be a professional athlete or own his own business.

Robert will benefit from an active and patient family that enjoys sports and that will allow him to have contact with his biological family. He will benefit from a family that will allow him to express himself and that will all him space to develop his own personalities and interests. He will need a stable and consistent family with realistic solutions. Robert will benefit from a family that loves football as much as he does. A family that likes being active and goes to church.

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