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Roberto from Texas



from Texas

Roberto is a fun, witty, respectful, and smart youth who likes to play sports, especially basketball. He also likes to care for puppies, dogs, and farm animals. Roberto enjoys playing video games and socializing with his peers. He likes to dress well and has a good eye for fashion and trends. Roberto enjoys a good funny movie, especially if he is watching it with friends. He states he sometimes needs to have conversations with his mentors, counselors, and teachers, to understand why he needs to follow the rules, but once he understands, he does his best to follow rules and directions. He is working on overcoming his past and focusing on his future. To Roberto, maintaining in contact with his siblings is very important, and feels they are what keeps him motivated and focused.

Roberto will do well with a family who will give him love, care, and structure, and will encourage his aspirations of following his dreams. Roberto desires a family who will be by his side and be willing to adopt him. His family will need to support his continued contact with his siblings who are not part of this adoption. Roberto does well when he is spoken to with calmness and involved in decisions that affect his future. Roberto will do with a family who will support his future goals and help him achieve them.