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Roman from Texas



from Texas

Roman is a very active, respectful youth. He enjoys playing all sports, especially football. Roman loves to watch and attend all sporting events. He is a big time Denver Broncos fan who loves to watch any of the Broncos games. Roman enjoys attending school with his peers and tries to make good grades. While Roman is bright and intelligent, he may benefit from additional support and help with his homework and give him positive reinforcement. Roman thrives in a structured environment and he does well when he is given goals to accomplish. He benefits from having supervision in his interactions. Roman is looking forward to joining an active family who will encourage him to explore different activities, which will further help Roman determine his own personal identity.

Roman needs a loving family who will guide him throughout his life. His parents will advocate and push him to achieve all of his educational goals. He will benefit from a family who will set clear boundaries and provide him with plenty of structure, love, and nurturing. Roman needs time to trust and a connection with his family. He will do best in a consistent, structured, and predictable environment, where he knows the expectations. A two-parent household with no other children or older children will be beneficial for him. Roman wants a family who will support him by encouraging him to play sports and cheer him on from the stands.

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