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Ronnie from Texas



from Texas

Ronnie is a reserved teenager. He likes being in the company of others with whom he can converse with in small group settings. Ronnie likes to be outside and go on bike rides. He enjoys helping a friend with their landscaping business. Ronnie is a very neat and respectful youth. He enjoys making connections with others that have the same interest as himself. Ronnie loves to dive into a good book series, and he is a music lover. He enjoys reading all different type of books, especially action novels. Ronnie also enjoys activities such as video games, bike riding, and watching movies. He is a private teenager who can be quiet and shy until you develop a rapport with him. Ronnie enjoys school but he is more passionate in certain classes such as: Spanish and English. Ronnie continues to learn skills to manage his emotions. He would like to have a forever family of his own!

Ronnie will benefit from a family who displays routine and structure, consistency, and who is active and outgoing. He will do well with having a father figure in the home. His family will provide consistent boundaries and daily routines. Ronnie needs a family who will provide positive praise and support while providing him ample support and guidance. His family should be active and have a strong support system.

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