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Ryder from Texas



from Texas

Ryder is an energetic and bright child who lights up and his personality really comes out when engaged about something he is interested in. He loves pizza and said he could eat it daily if allowed. He said he also likes eating out at restaurants like Chick-Fil-A, Chili's, and places that make food in front of you like a show. He doesn't like seafood or broccoli, but he will eat it. Ryder's favorite color is purple. His favorite thing to do is to play video games and ride his bike. Ryder said he likes to read adventure/fantasy books, like Wings of Fire series, or funny books. He likes school and does well in all subjects, although his least favorite is writing. Ryder says when he grows up, he hopes to be a football player in the NFL. His favorite football team is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He enjoys spending time playing video games, playing football, and playing with Pokemon cards. Ryder wants to have a dog as a pet one day and play football as an extracurricular activity. He has a very sweet and affectionate personality. Ryder can be very active; and benefits from being given specific tasks to complete. At times, he has a hard time staying focused and likes to know why something should be done. Ryder benefits from a very structured schedule and predictable environment. He gets along with other children, but also likes having all the attention focused on him.

Ryder will be a great addition to a family who likes to be out and about! He benefits from a lot of attention and will do best with a small and established family. Ryder needs structure and firm discipline to function best and he must have plenty of activities to keep him busy. He has expressed that he specifically wants a mother and a father. Ryder would prefer an older brother and is not very interested in younger siblings.

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