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Safiya from Texas



from Texas

Safiya is a mature child. She makes friends easily, and is working on maintaining those relationships. Safiya enjoys shopping, walking, listening to music, watching TV, going to the movies, swimming, writing letters, playing board games or electronic games, and various other activities. She likes to go on family outings and on shopping sprees. She is happy when she is able to be outside with people. Safiyah would love to become a famous writer someday. Sometime Safiya feels nervous about what the future might hold for her, but she knows she would very much like to become a real estate agent. Despite everything, she is confident in what she wants in life, regardless if she cannot see her future or not. She is a loving girl who wants to be loved.

Safiya's needs will best be met by a family who is open minded. She will enjoy a family who supports, encourages, and understands her. Safiya's family will be understanding of her desires to maintain her cultural heritage and continued contact with her biological sister who resides out of state. She wants a family who will encourage her to maintain her current relationships.

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