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Salomon from Texas



from Texas

Salomon is a reserved, smart, and helpful child who is very creative. He enjoys working with computers when he is in school. Salomon has a fun time shopping and one of his past-times is to draw and color. He describes himself as a funny, helpful, and smart person. Salomon continues to work on maturing and overcoming issues from his past. He is also continuing to work on being responsible for his actions. Salomon has more self-confidence and participates in school activities. He is an animal lover too. Salomon is great at math. He is artistic, thoughtful, and he takes pride in his appearance.

Salomon desires a family who will be very structured, loving, and open to his continued contact with his siblings. He wants a family who is able to access resources and advocate for him educationally and socially. Salomon requires encouragement to flourish and meet his full potential. He will require supportive services to address issues from his past. Salomon enjoys the outdoors and wants his family to be active, as he likes participating in several activities. He will benefit from a family with children his age or older. He does best in a home with structure, clear expectations, and consistency with consequences. Salomon needs a family who will continue to support his relationship with his siblings.

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