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  Sam from Texas



from Texas

Sam is a bright youth with a bright future. He likes playing video games and playing outside, engaging his imagination. Sam usually does well in school. Although he does not participate in sports at school, he enjoys playing casual basketball, baseball, and football with his friends. Sam is very respectful; he says "yes ma'am" and "yes sir" and he appreciates a scheduled lifestyle. He is a natural leader and would be a great older sibling. Sam is looking forward to obtaining a part time job. His dedication and hard work will make him a great employee. Sam has only one thing on his mind most of the time. He wants to be a United States Marine after he graduates from high school. He knows this undertaking is going to be very arduous, but he said he wants to accept the challenge. Sam continues to think about college, but says he would first like to become a Marine and then go to college. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of North East Texas.

Sam needs a family that will advocate for him at school and be willing to monitor his progress to ensure he stays on target to graduate on time. He will do well in a single-parent family or in a two-parent family. He will benefit from a father figure or a positive male role model.