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Samantha from Texas



from Texas

Samantha is an outgoing and friendly teen. She is very curious and loves to ask questions about topics she wants to learn more about; she especially likes learning about animals. Samantha is a very helpful youth who looks forward to spending quality time with her caregiver and others. She enjoys listening to music and singing along to her many favorite songs of Pop, Hip Hop, R & B and Gospel. She also reports liking some Country songs. Samantha is very creative and spends some of her free time coloring or telling stories to entertain her peers. Samantha likes doing girly things like painting her nails and going out shopping.

Samantha needs a family who is able to meet her needs and provide her with love and care. She needs a family who will provide her with a safe and loving environment and show her that they are her forever family. Samantha will do best as the only child in the home. However, families with children will also be considered.