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Savannah from Texas



from Texas

Savannah is a very energetic teenager with a caring heart. She is a very talkative and friendly youth. Savannah is a girly-girl who loves trying out different hairstyles and painting her nails. Savannah also enjoys going shopping. She loves to listen to music and play outside. Music is very soothing for Savannah, she utilizes music as one of her coping skills. She also enjoys creating arts and crafts, including drawing. Savannah is actively working on improving her ability to verbalize her emotions and needs. She benefits from support in school which continue to aid her in reaching her educational goals. Savannah thrives in a smaller setting at school.

Savannah will do well in a two parent or one parent household where she is the only child or the youngest child. She will thrive with structure, routine, consistency, and permanency. Savannah needs very clear cut and strict rules for guidance. She also needs parents who will support her through her teenage years and future endeavors.

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