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Sebastian from Texas



from Texas

Sebastian in a fun and energetic youth who is smart and able to navigate his surroundings. He loves being active and really enjoys sports. Football is his favorite sport and he enjoys playing on his school team. Sebastian likes hanging out with his friends and listening to music. He also loves pizza and cheeseburgers. He seeks leadership in his life and needs a strong role model to follow. With the right guidance, Sebastian has great potential to excel. Sebastian has the ability to make strong connections with those he trusts and respects, it just takes him time to get to that point.

Sebastian desires a family that will not give up on him and show him unconditional love. He needs a family that will allow him to be himself, but on the same token will show him firm boundaries and a set a predictable schedule. He also wants a family who likes to chill and have BBQs, or throw a football around with him. He has a brother who is not part of this adoption and it is important for Sebastian to maintain contact with him. He needs a family who understands this connection and will ensure his sibling relationship is preserved.

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