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Selena from Texas



from Texas

Selena is a smart and kind young girl. She enjoys singing music, gymnastics, and cheer. She is very social, making friends easily. She is a mature child. Selena loves talking with her five siblings, who are not a part of this adoption, communicating with them is one of her favorite things to do. Being part of a large sibling group provides Selena regular support in who she is with guidance provided by her siblings, especially her sister. She loves communicating on her phone through various social media apps. Selena enjoys going out to eat with others. She loves animals and enjoys taking care of dogs. Selena does well in school and is bright, however, she needs encouragement to reach her full potential at school at times.

Selena needs a family who understands the importance of family to her and will work to continue contact with her siblings, both by phone and in-person for visits. She will do well in either a single or two-parent home, so long as there are firm guidelines and structure in place. Selena craves a lot of attention and needs a family with a lot of love and patience to give.