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Selena from Texas



from Texas

Selena is a friendly and outgoing youth at placement and at school. She enjoys socializing and making new friends at school. She is always trying to help others at best as she can. Selena's enjoys playing with playing sports such as basketball, baseball, and boxing. She is a huge fan of BTS, a Korean pop music genre and band, and enjoys listening to rock, pop, and hip-hop music, as She likes to work out to this kind of music and exercise. Selena is very nurturing, caring, and protective of younger children, and takes a big sibling role and mentality when interacting with them. She is a helpful and loving youth who always stays positive about her future. She always has a smile on her face, and ultimately wishes she gets adopted into a family that will provide her with love nurture, love, and a forever connection that will always have an endless amount of love and support. Selena will be a great addition to a loving forever family.

Selena's forever family will love her unconditionally. Selena will benefit from a family that will provide support, guidance and love. Selena's forever family will understand the importance of how much means to Selena to have a family that will accept and make a loving effort to understand the person she identifies as and why. Selena's family will be understanding of the person she grows into and identifies as. Selena will benefit from a family that is open minded. Her forever family will always support Selena throughout her life without judgment and feeling isolated from her forever family.

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