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Seleucus from Texas



from Texas

Seleucus has a smile that can light up a room. When he smiles it will make you want to smile. Seleucus is a sweet little boy who is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Muscular Dystrophy. Seleucus uses a wheelchair for mobility and when not in his wheelchair, he is usually in his bed. He is nonverbal. Seleucus likes to watch TV and listen to music and will sing along. He really likes movies that have cars in them. Seleucus likes to be read to and will smile and laugh during the story. When you see him smile or hear him laugh it will make you want to smile or laugh.

The ideal family for Seleucus will understand his abilities and limitations. He needs a family who will be able to meet his medical needs. They also need to understand that he will be a happy addition to their family. Seleucus needs a forever family with the ability and education to continue his current level of care and meet all of his medical requirements. He needs a family who will help him experience the world outside his wheelchair. It is necessary that Seleucus's family advocate for all of his needs and conscientiously regulate and administer his medical treatments.

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