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Semaya from Texas



from Texas

Semaya is a loving and excitable youth. She is a very easy person with whom to talk. She loves shopping, sports, and cheerleading. Semaya can be silly and loves to laugh. She needs a family who can give her the love she desires. Semaya is a joy to be around and is lots of fun. She likes to stay active in community and school activities. Semaya is confident and is working on her self-esteem. She is very engaging and charming, and loves to talk with her friends. She is often found smiling and laughing. Semaya understands her situation and has a positive outlook on her future.

Semaya needs a family who will provide a stable, consistent, and loving home environment. She responds well to firm and loving direction. Semaya will benefit from a family who is patient and can work with Semaya through a reward and consequence system. Semaya is able to recognize when someone cares for her in the form of taking the time to guide her. She needs a true family environment with which she can be fully attach. Semaya needs a family who will work with her on continuing to build her self-esteem, confidence, and self-worth.

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