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Serenity from Texas



from Texas

Serenity is a social child who makes friends easily. She can be shy until she gets to know someone new, and she is very protective of her friends and loved ones. Due to her protective nature, Serenity sometimes benefits from reminders when she's upset. Positive reinforcers such as coping skills, rule reminders, and praises have shown improvements for Serenity. Serenity responds to more rich reinforcement and praise when she is doing something well. She is very "girly" and takes interest in music, nails, drawing, and playing games. Serenity also enjoys playing with animals and swimming. Serenity will require structure and patience to help her thrive in her environment. She is a loving child who will thrive with an understanding forever family who will advocate for her and her needs.

Serenity will do well in a single or two-parent home where she is the youngest child in the home. She needs a well-structured, yet supportive and nurturing environment where behavioral limits and expectations are very clear, and consistently backed by consequences for her behavior. Serenity will benefit from a family who has experience in trauma informed care.

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