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Shakira from Texas



from Texas

Shakira is a sweet, friendly and affectionate girl. She is playful and enjoys going to the park and swimming. Shakira usually does better playing alone. She enjoys playing with dolls and imaginary friends. She also likes to play with bugs and reptiles. She gets very excited around water. Shakira has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is difficult for her to express her feelings and she can become uncooperative and quarrelsome when she becomes upset. Close supervision is needed for Shakira. Shakira receives individual therapy at school and would benefit from services that specialize in Autism. Support services are also provided through the school where she receives one on one attention. She currently attends life skills classes. She benefits from encouragement and prompts to help her follow through with daily tasks such as hygiene.

Shakira will benefit from a family that has significant experience with parenting children with special needs. She needs a nurturing, loving home with parents who will patiently redirect her as needed and also provide a structured and predictable routine.