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Shala from Texas



from Texas

Shala does well with her peers and has made many friends. She follows rules in the home and at school, and has been working on making better decisions. Shala likes to play dress up, paint her nails, and play with her dolls or Barbies. She enjoys being with her peers or playing games on her tablet. Shala also likes playing with her LOL dolls, drawing or coloring, and making arts and crafts. Shala expresses that she doesn't like school at times because it can be boring, but she likes to be at school so she can be with her friends.

Brayden and Shala are twins who enjoy each other's company most of the time. Shala feels a strong protectiveness over her brother and wants him to do well. She wants to make sure he is not being hurt or bullied by anyone. Brayden tends to stick up for his sister as well and wants to ensure her safety and happiness. Shala enjoys to playing dress up, painting her nails, and play with dolls or Barbies. Brayden enjoys playing video games such as Fortnite and Minecraft. He also enjoys going to the park and playing basketball with his sister. Brayden is a very intelligent child when it comes to academics.

Shala wants to be in a loving family who will provide her with support. She hopes to have a continued connection with relatives. Shala and her brother are both very active children and would love to be in a family where they are consistently involved in activities or have game nights. Shala wants to be part of a family who will provide her with unconditional love, and encourage to her.

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