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Shalisa from Texas



from Texas

Shalisa is a fun loving teenager who loves being around other people and participating in all types of activities. Shalisa absolutely loves to laugh! Shalisa enjoys volleyball, cheer, and basketball. Some of her other interests and hobbies include dancing, listening to music, playing with animals, reading, shopping and talking on the phone with her friends. She also likes scrapbooking, swimming, and watching movies. Shalisa's favorite foods are French fries, hot dogs, and Mr. Good Bars. Shalisa also likes to eat at Sonic. Shalisa does well in school and her favorite subjects are science, language arts, and math. Shalisa also likes attending church and participating in the church youth group.

Shalisa is open to either a two-parent or a single parent home. Shalisa would like a family that goes to church. Shalisa will benefit from a family who enjoys staying busy and participates in activities outside of the home.

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