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Shane from Texas



from Texas

Shane is a sweet and outgoing child, once he feels comfortable. He loves to watch movies and play sports or video games. He enjoys volunteer activities and he likes coloring and listening to music. Shane attends Sunday school and choir regularly. In school, he has made the A/B honor roll and is able to finish his school work, with support. He does not hold grudges and is able to make friends easily. Shane tends to have a difficult time following directions and making the right choice. At times, he is hard to redirect. In the past, he has had some issues with other children and adults and sometimes acts out towards them, verbally and physically. Shane is working hard to use his coping skills when he gets angry. At times, he requires constant redirection to comply with adult directives, while at other times he does not require this. Shane desires to be a rapper and a professional football player. Visit me at the The Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Shane desires a loving family who will allow him to maintain his cultural heritage, as well as his background. He will do well in a two parent home. Shane looks forward to having a family and home to call his own. He would like for his family to support his needs and desires to continue exploring his many talents. Shane needs a calm, structured environment and parents who are consistent. He needs a family who will provide a lot of one-on-one attention.

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