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Shaqueen from Texas



from Texas

Sha'Queen, who prefers to be called Jace, is often quiet and shy until she feels comfortable. Jace enjoys listening to music, watching movies, and playing video games. She also loves to draw and color. She uses these activities as a way to relax. Jace enjoys interacting with other children her age. She is a loving child who wants to feel loved and accepted. Jace loves pets. She states she is interested in pursuing a career as a veterinarian, but hasn't decided which college she'll want to attend yet. Her favorite sports are basketball and volleyball, though she is not currently playing sports. Jace's favorite subjects in school are art, math, and science.

Jace's forever family will be nurturing while setting appropriate boundaries. She needs a family who will be consistent and patient with her. Her family will provide structure and consistency. She will benefit from a very supportive family who understands she needs extra encouragement from time to time. Her family will be accepting of Jace and understanding of her emotional needs. They will advocate for her educational needs and continue with supportive services.

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