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Shealyn from Texas



from Texas

Shealyn loves to try new things. She tends to be quiet upon first meeting new people, but quickly warms up and becomes more talkative. She needs to get to know you before she will trust you. Shealyn expresses herself through singing, dancing, and artwork. She also loves being a cheerleader, and would jump at the opportunity to learn about different types of dancing and would love to take dance lessons. Shealyn is still trying to find her niche, she is open to trying any and all new activities to find more activities which make her happy. She strives to be the best behaved student in her class and it is important to her to follow the rules. Shealyn has a soft spot for animals, especially horses and dogs. She hopes that her forever family will support her in keeping in contact with her siblings, who are not a part of this adoption. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of North East Texas.

Shealyn deeply desires to be a part of a family who will walk through fire for her. Her forever parents will provide her stability, commitment, and show her they are by her side. Shealyn's parents will also suggest and try new activities with Shealyn while she finds what makes her happy. Finding an activity together will help her to build strong and lasting bonds with her new family. Her ideal family will be a small family with one or two other children, preferably older than her. She needs parents who will be strong advocates for her education and ensure she receives the best the school has to offer. Her family will help her with her homework and encourage her when she struggles. Shealyn's forever mom will be one who enjoys an occasional girl trip to the nail salon and Shealyn's forever dad will be one who can sit back and play a video game with his daughter. Shealyn has siblings, who are not part of this adoption, with whom she would like to maintain contact. Overall, Shealyn needs security and a family who will work with her to meet her potential.

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