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Shericka from Texas



from Texas

Shericka is a sweet child with a vibrant personality. She is very loving and affectionate to others. Shericka likes being read to, enjoys listening to music, watching pre-teen shows, and being outside. She is a girlie-girl and enjoys wearing dresses and skirts. She likes to pick out her clothes using her favorite color pink. Shericka likes to have bows in her hair and to have her nails polished. She loves attention and interacts well with others. Shericka is non-verbal but has a unique way of communicating to express her likes and dislikes. She is able to comprehend what others say to her. She can nod her head yes or no. She is generally happy. Shericka likes to smile and laugh. She will lift her head and reach toward individuals if she wants to interact with others. She is able to adapt well and generally gets along with others. She loves to interact with others. Shericka is aware of her surroundings and can follow commands. She has the assistance of nursing and therapeutic care professionals. She has aids to assist in movement, protection, and strength such as a wheelchair, stander, (AFO) ankle foot orthotics, and compression vest. She has approximately 10 mild seizures daily that do not affect her daily functioning. She is able to bounce back from her seizures quickly. Shericka has been diagnosed with irritable bowel, Encephalopathy, and tracheotomy. She is fed through a G-button.

Shericka will adjust well in a new environment, especially a home with other children. She will benefit from a family that is nurturing, attentive, organized, and loving. It is recommended the family have experience in providing care for individuals with medical needs. A family with a willingness to educate themselves on the needs of Shericka is highly recommended. She will also benefit from being in a one or two parent home that has a strong support system and the resources to be able to provide for her needs and care. She needs a family who will advocate for her.

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