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Shyden from Texas



from Texas

Shyden is a sweet and thoughtful youth who enjoys interacting with others. He makes friends easily at school because he is not shy. Shyden enjoys electronics and finds pleasure in playing video games, especially on the computer as opposed to gaming consoles, being outside, watching TV and movies. Shyden is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, which affects his verbal communication. This does not stop Shyden from being social and making friends! Shyden is interested in the sky and weather. He aspires to be a meteorologist one day. He has his own unique way of communicating with others. He repeats words and phrases he has learned but also communicates with body language, facial expressions, and physical contact. Shyden is eager to please people and prefers everyone to be happy. His most favorite thing is getting special candy treats from friends and loved ones as gifts or positive rewards. He is especially fond of chocolate!

Shyden's forever family will be kindhearted and devoted. They will already have an understanding or be willing to learn how to help young people on the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Shyden's ideal family will also be excited to learn new ways to communicate with their son. Shyden needs a family who will respect his abilities, and also be willing to push him to his fullest potential. His parents will spend independent time with him while he builds trust with them and while they learn his communication style. They will also help Shyden learn about personal space.