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Sierra from Texas



from Texas

Sierra is a lovely teenage girl who enjoys reading, writing, and doing anything artistic. She is bright and creative. Sierra enjoys hanging out with her friends, in her words, "doing things teens do!" Sierra is not a girly-girl, she'd rather a t-shirt and denim jeans over a dress any day. Sierra feels a sense of security when she has her iPod or mp3 player accessible for her music. Sierra can be shy and reserved when meeting new people. Once Sierra is comfortable, she is outspoken when it comes to things she wants. Sierra is very vocal and a great advocate for what she wants. Sierra has a good heart, and strongly desires to be in a loving home.

Sierra will thrive in a home with structure. She desires attention, being in a home with fewer children will be in her best interest. Sierra wants a family who has pets, but does not smoke. She enjoys going out and doing things, so an active family will be best for her. She will thrive in a family who has a sense of humor.

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