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Sirius from Texas



from Texas

Sirius is a healthy, active child. He enjoys attending school and does well in school. Sirius has interests in after school sports, clubs, and programs. He is definitely the jokester and pranker of the brothers and is always smiling and having a good time. His strongest positive trait is his sense of humor, and how he is always able to keep everyone around him in a good mood. Sirius very much enjoys video games and is pretty good at them as well. He also enjoys going outside and playing with his friends and brothers. Sirius benefits from structure and regular routines to keep him on task. He often has a lot of energy to spend and has shown interest in joining sports teams. Sirius is the youngest of his brothers and looks up to them a lot for guidance.

Amir, Vinshawn, and Sirius are very closer brothers who use each other as support in life. All three brothers are well behaved at school and at home. They all like attending school and do well in school. The boys enjoy playing video games, and watching television and movies. Amir is the eldest of his brothers. He is bold, excitable, and curious. Vinshawn is the most responsible of his brothers and will do his chores without having being asked. Sirius is the goofy one of his brothers, he is always smiling and in a great mood. The brothers like to be active and enjoy being on the go. They also like to spend time outside doing family activities or activities with each other and with friends.

Sirius would like an active family who will support him participating in extracurricular activities. His family will give him the positive support when he needs it the most. Sirius' family will continue to encourage and strengthen his connection with his brothers. He will benefit from a structured home with regular routines to keep him on task.

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