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Sklyer from Texas



from Texas

Skylar is a very intelligent, sweet, and confident young girl. She knows what she wants and is able to speak her mind. She is full of spunk! Skylar loves to color, paint and do artistic things. She loves music, learning how to cook, and watching shows on Netflix. She also loves animals, especially dogs. Skylar is an active child and loves to be outside. Skylar is very fashionable and is discovering her sense of style. Skylar has a good sense of humor and enjoys laughing. Her laugh is contagious! Skylar is hoping to be a part of a family where she knows that she is loved.

Skylar wants to stay in Texas. She wouldn't mind being an only child, but she would also enjoy having siblings if she is the eldest child. Skylar would like a family who is patient, kind, and has animals.

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