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Skyler from Texas



from Texas

Skyler is an active teenager. He is quiet and reserved at first, but after warming up, he is full of humor and loves to talk. He loves sports, specifically baseball and basketball. He really enjoys attending any and all Dallas sporting events. He is also a talented singer and has a beautiful voice. He joined choir to continue to learn more about vocal performance and music. He is also very excited about learning to drive and wants to start working a job so he can save money to take of the things he wants. He does well in school and has started to make friends at his new school since he was just recently able to meet his classmates in person. Skyler's favorite subjects in school are algebra, choir, and art. He has recently learned how to restore shoes and enjoys doing that. While Skyler likes to be active, he also enjoys playing video games on his PS4.

Skyler is ready for a forever family! His family will have already established structure, and is able devote some individual time to connect with him. He hopes to have a mom and a dad who will cheer him on in school, help teach him to become an adult, and be there for him. He treasures his visits with his grandfather and uncle. His family will encourage and support him in continuing to have these relationships.

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