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Stanley from Texas



from Texas

Stanley is a youth who is quite friendly, personable, and respectful to strangers. He expresses himself comfortably with others. Stanley enjoys building Legos into diverse figures and seems to be good at it. He also spends much of his time coloring. Stanley enjoys playing sports and other games in the outdoors; however, he cherishes time alone with his Legos and coloring materials. Academically, Stanley consistently does well. He does not like others tampering with his personal belongings without his permission. Although Stanley is not an athletic personality, he enjoys watching football and basketball. His favorite football team is Texas Tech.

Stanley needs a family who will honor his capabilities, help him improve his weaknesses, and enhance his strengths. The family will become a haven for Stanley by presenting consistency, perseverance, responsibility, and accountability. Stanley will thrive in a family that will introduce and expose him to new life and social experiences; a family that will nurture his development of self-control. Stanley fares better with children younger than him.