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Stephanie from Texas



from Texas

Stephanie is a girly-girl who loves to coordinate her outfits. She wears glasses and enjoys picking out her own style of frames, due to her impeccable fashion sense. Stephanie is a personable child who enjoys playing with dolls and watching TV. She likes to be outdoors and enjoys a wide variety of activities. She also enjoys coloring and reading. Stephanie is working on positive coping skills. Stephanie is very active, energetic, and adventurous. She will do great with a dog in the home who she could run and play with. Stephanie is working to improve how she may shut down when confronted or presented with a difficult task.

Stephanie is waiting for a family who will be supportive, nurturing, and consistent for her growth and development. She will need a stable and consistent family in which the boundaries, rules, and expectations are clearly defined. Stephanie will benefit from being the youngest child in the home. Stephanie will benefit from encouragement and positive reinforcement when she does well. She will benefit from parents who provide her with guidance and model positive behaviors as well as have a sense of humor.