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Stephanie from Texas



from Texas

Stephanie is a polite child. She has a big personality and enjoys staying busy. Stephanie loves to sing and dance during breakfast, while completing homework, and at her bedtime. Her favorite day is spending time at the zoo with all of the animals. She does enjoy playing outside at the park blowing bubbles and hula hooping. She loves to draw pictures for everyone she meets. Stephanie is delayed in her education but is working hard to learn more each day. One of Stephanie's biggest strengths is her ability to utilize her coping skills. She responds well to redirection. She is working to stay focused and on task at school and home. Stephanie loves spending one on one time with her with caregivers and teachers. Stephanie would love to show off her singing skills! Stephanie would be a great addition to a loving forever family.

Stephanie and Amanda are close sisters who enjoy doing activities together. Some events they like to do are going outside to play at the park or go to the library to get books for reading time. Both girls love to draw and make crafts together. Stephanie is a busy young girl who is always singing and dancing. Amanda has a more relaxed personality who enjoys playing with dinosaurs and reading. Both the girls are working hard in school to learn reading math and writing. The girls love animals and want to be in a home that will allow them to get a pet. The girls have bright, caring personalities, and will need to have structure and patient caregivers as they adjust. The two of them would be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

Stephanie will need a family that is very positive, active, and participates in community activities. The family will need to have older children or no children in the home. As well as be stay at home parent or have an in-home sitter for after school and holidays off. The parents will need to be patient, kind, and committed. The family will need to have experience with working with children who have experienced trauma, grief, and loss. Having knowledge of Karen Purvis' trauma-informed interventions is recommended. Stephanie will benefit from individual time with parents to ensure she feels loved and accepted. The family will need to continue with therapeutic service plans.

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