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Stormy from Texas



from Texas

Stormy is a fun youth to be around. He enjoys playing outside, gardening, group exercise activities, and participating in sports. Stormy enjoys learning about animals and playing with them. Stormy likes positive attention and enjoys making new friends. Stormy is very empathetic and continues to work on conflict resolution. While he struggles with his behavior at times, Stormy is very apologetic after he has an outburst. He knows he has goals that he needs to continue to work towards and he has intentions on doing so. Stormy is very curious and is up for small adventures and going out and about. He loves to go out and try new restaurants. Stormy has a great personality and just needs a family with patience to help him through situations. He has said that he would prefer to remain in Texas because his loves home state!

The ideal family for Stormy will be one with minimal children so they are able to provide him with the attention he needs. Stormy needs to be in a home that has experience with children who have challenging behaviors. He needs to be in a home that will commit to him long-term. Stormy needs a home where he will be loved and guided into adulthood. He need a lot of support and strong role models. Stormy has a big heart and a lot of love to give.

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