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Talixa from Texas



from Texas

Talixa is a very strong, resilient teenager. She has kept her head held high and is working to prepare herself for her future forever family. Talixa loves to be involved in all kinds of activities and staying busy. Keeping herself busy is always easy to do. She has a kind spirit and an old soul about her, which makes you want to get to know and talk to her more and more. Talixa is very outgoing. She enjoys shopping, talking on the phone, receiving rewards for good grades and behavior, and being around animals. Talixa is eager to begin her new chapter in life with a family who she can call her own, and who will not judge her and will love her for all that she is.

Talixa is wanting any type of family. She would prefer a mother and a father, but is open to any makeup of a family. Talixa would like to have siblings in the home, if possible, but if not, older siblings who she could look up to as a mentor would be a good thing for her. She does not prefer to be in the city or the country, as long as the family she is with loves her for who she is. Talixa will need a family with clearly defined boundaries and rules and consequences set forth, so she knows what to expect. She will benefit from a family who has previously fostered or adopted teenagers. Talixa will benefit from a family who embraces her cultural practices and who supports and encourages her maintaining her cultural identity.

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