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Tameco from Texas



from Texas

Meet Tameco! She is the middle sister of this trio. She is full of energy and personality! Tameco enjoys living life to the fullest. She laughs joyfully and plays hard. Like her big sister, Tameco is a good student and has dreams of going to college. In school, she does occasionally need reminders to stay focused and not talk while others are talking. Tameco enjoys playing soccer and has enjoyed cheerleading in the past. Outside, Tameco likes to ride her bike and play running games, such as tag or hide-and-seek. She has a good sense of humor and loves to play innocent pranks on her sisters and her friends.

Please meet Be-Aja, Tameco, and De'Montylynn! These three sisters love spending time together and are each other's biggest supporters. They celebrate the accomplishments and achievements of one another and cheer each other on when one struggles. One of their favorite activities to do as sisters is styling each other's hair. All three girls love to spend time outside, they enjoy playing sports or riding their bicycles. Be-Aja, Tameco, and De'Montylynn all have great senses of humor and they enjoy teasing and playing pranks on one another. This helps to strengthen their sibling connection. They are easy-going and love to have good-natured fun. They are ready to start their adoption adventure together. Visit us at the Heart Gallery of North East Texas.

Tameco's forever family will be one with a strong female role model who is able to establish firm, yet loving, rules and expectations and hold Tameco to those expectations. Tameco's parents will be able to support Tameco in building her self-esteem. Her family will be able to do this by helping Tameco to find abilities and skills which set her apart from her sisters and makes her unique. Their assistance and support will aid in building their parent-child connection and help Tameco build her confidence. Tameco's forever parents will look forward to her playfulness and sense of humor.

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