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Taraji from Texas



from Texas

Taraji is full of energy, has a big personality, and a smile to die for! He is content playing alone and prefers small group interactions rather than more noisy settings. He loves going outside and will stay outside for hours at a time. Taraji loves swinging and playing at the park. He also loves playing games that involve running. He enjoys riding the school bus to school. Taraji benefits from patience as he adjusts to change around him. He communicates through pointing at what he wants and some sign language. At times, he makes other sounds to let you know when he wants something. Taraji has a big appetite and will eat pretty much anything. Taraji loves to hug and cuddle. He will win your heart with his smile and warm hugs.

Taraji will do well with a family who offers patience and consistency, along with careful supervision. He needs close supervision to ensure his safety, as he sometimes fails to recognize harmful or dangerous situations. Taraji will benefit from a family that will encourage him to express himself. He also needs a family who will provide individual time with him and the resources he needs.

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