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Tasha from Texas



from Texas

Tasha is strong minded, determined, and dynamic. She has a passionate personality and knows what she wants! She is spontaneous, charismatic, brave, and stands up for what she believes in. Tasha craves attention and steals the spotlight whenever she enters the room. She loves to shop and is interested in music as well as watching movies. At school, Tasha receives supportive services and does well in smaller classrooms where she can receive one on one support. There are times when Tasha needs encouragement and reassurance. She can become distressed when she feels others have a different level of understanding than she does. She is very articulate and can express her feelings and thoughts well. She can be very helpful and wants to learn. Tasha can thrive with routine and guidance, when she feels comfortable.

Tasha will do well with a family who can offer patience and consistency and who is eager to help her balance her role as a teen parent. She needs careful supervision. Tasha will benefit from a family that will allow her a safe space to express herself when needed and continue to work with her to reach her goals. Tasha's forever family needs to be willing to start where Tasha is, and continue to challenge and grow as Tasha matures. Tasha will do best as the only child, or the youngest child, as she requires and craves a lot of attention. Tasha wants a family that will not give up on her, and that will love her unconditionally no matter what happens.

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