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Tatyana from Texas



from Texas

Tatyana is a very sweet youth. She possesses a charismatic quality that is irresistible to others, as evident in her uncanny ability to connect instantly with anyone she encounters. Tatyana is witty and outspoken. She enjoys listening to music, singing, dancing, attending youth events at church, and hanging out with friends. Her outspoken demeanor can sometimes escalate into sassiness or argumentative behavior when she perceives an injustice against herself or those she holds dear to her heart. Nevertheless, Tatyana is always willing to listen and agree to a fair resolution. She is very energetic and sometimes requires assistance or redirection to remain focused. Tatyana does well in school, especially when provided with a small to moderate class size, along with one-on-one instruction from teachers when needed.

Tatyana will benefit from a two parent family. A family with at least one similar aged, female child will be beneficial, so she can develop a bond with her. Tatyana may require supportive services to assist in adjusting to the home and overcoming issues from her past. A fair, firm, and consistent family that builds on positives; models respectful behavior; and sets reasonable, age-appropriate limits and consequences is ideal.

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